1) Why should I travel to Turkey to get my nose done/ get my boobs done?

By purchasing a plastic surgery treatment package in Istanbul you can literally safe a fortune. Despite all travel expenses involved for getting to and from Istanbul, transportation and hotel stay, you will still manage to cut your costs by 50 % of the amount you would normally spend for the same aesthetic procedure being performed in a clinic in US or Western Europe. Besides, the quality of medical service in Istanbul’s private clinics equals and even rivals some of the most eminent hospitals in the world. If you always thought that plastic surgery is something you could never afford then it is time to consider this possibility again.

2) How can I sign up for an appointment at your clinic?

You can register your interest about any of the listed procedures and schedule an appointment with an experienced surgeon at the clinic by completing and submitting the contact form on our website. Someone from our customer care department will get back to you shortly with information and further details on how to proceed. You can always reach us on our contact numbers for further assistance.

3) Will my health insurance cover the costs for the surgery?

Normally health insurances do not cover aesthetic surgical procedures due to the fact that they do not classify as medical treatments. You can check with your health insurance company just in case, however all surgical procedures are fully paid at the facility.

4) How can I pay for my treatment?

We accept payment in Euro (€), British pound (GBP), US dollars ($) and Turkish Lira (TL). You can submit payment either in cash or with a valid major credit card (MasterCard or VISA). In the latter case 2% extra bank commission will be charged.

5) Why the treatment I am interested in is not available on your website?

If you are looking for a specific medical treatment or service but unable to find it on our website, please contact us. Our website is dedicated only to the most popular and widely applied procedures. The superb medical facilities we partner with however offer a broad array of specialized medical services. Whatever procedure you may be looking for we will do our best to connect you with a professional quality provider to perform it.


6) Do I need a VISA to enter Turkey?

If you are European citizen i.e. citizen of country member of the European Union you will be allowed to enter Turkey without a VISA and only with a valid international passport. Non-European citizens can purchase a 90-day sticker visa at the port of entry for $20 cash if they are travelling to Turkey as tourists.

7) Do I need any travel insurance?

We advise that you speak with your insurance agent in respect of covering all travel risks.

8) How many days do I need to spend in Istanbul?

Depending on the type of procedure attended and the complexity of your specific medical condition you will need approximately 3-10 days to recover and be able to travel back home

9) Where can I stay until I am fully recovered from the surgery?

We can secure for you a comfortable accommodation at a top quality four or five star hotel at location of your choice with convenient transportation links to the airport and the clinic. You can take your time there until you are ready to travel. Thanks to our long term partnership with local hotels we are able to provide significantly discounted hotel rates as part of our treatment packages.

10) Do you provide transfer service from clinic to hotel?

Complimentary two-way airport transfers as well as transportation hotel-clinic-hotel are included free of charge in our treatment packages. All transfers are provided in a luxury air-conditioned minivan and driven by a professional English speaking driver. Our driver will be waiting for you and will provide local assistance each time when necessary.

11) What type of leisure activities can I book following my surgery?

We at are able provide a wide spectrum of travel services in Istanbul, including ferry and yacht cruises, sightseeing tours and vacation packages, car-rental and other services. We recommend however to consider your visit to Istanbul more as a business trip rather than a holiday and limit your range of activities to the minimum. After all your health and speedy recovery is of much greater importance no matter how tempting a destination like Istanbul can be. Certainly you can have a great time experiencing a city like Istanbul nevertheless you shouldn’t allow it to interfere with the main purpose of your trip.

12) Can I arrange the flight and the hotel stay myself?

Yes, you are most welcome to book your own flight and accommodation if you feel you are familiar with the destination or with the hotel’s reputation. Nevertheless you can still request a separate price quote from us for the same service just to compare the rates. We would strongly advise however to take advantage of our treatment packages, where you will enjoy an all inclusive service and full customer support. The safe environment, comfort and convenience of our personally handpicked hotels will provide you the much needed peace of mind and confidence prior to the upcoming procedure.

13) Can I bring a companion with me?

Yes, you can bring anyone you consider will provide you with the necessary moral support and assistance during your medical treatment in Istanbul. In fact, we highly recommend having at least one companion with you who can help you out with simple everyday activities such as getting up or going out especially for the first days after the procedure. Of course if you travel on your own you can always rely on a personal travel assistant who will deliver non-stop support and will ensure a stress free stay in Istanbul.


14) How can I be sure that your clinics are safe?

Each medical institution where medical treatment is provided is accredited by the Joint Commission International - the international department of the same control body that certifies medical facilities in the United States. This practically means that same strict standards of safety and quality are applied as in the most renowned Western hospitals.

15) How skilful are the surgeons in your clinic?

All plastic surgeons practicing at our clinics are with outstanding credentials and have completed accredited training program in plastic surgery abroad. Each surgeon is qualified and certified in specific procedure with a great experience and many successful surgeries in their carrier.

16) Do physicians and personnel at the clinic speak English?

Our surgeons and hospital stuff have a great experience in serving international clientele therefore you can be sure that you will be warmly welcomed and all procedures will be detailed to you in fluent English. You might also be pleasantly surprised to experience a much more personalized service, than you would normally experience back home.

17) What types of materials are used for plastic surgeries in Turkey?

In Istanbul’s private clinics are used materials of the same quality and brands as in most of the countries with highly developed private healthcare sector such as the UK, Germany, Switzerland, England, Japan and the USA.

18) What kind of anaesthesia is used during a plastic surgery?

Surgeons normally prefer working on a general anaesthesia where patient is fully asleep throughout the surgery. Whenever the procedure allows and if a customer wishes, appliance of local anaesthesia is possible. Before choosing the most appropriate anaesthesia method, you will need to advise your surgeon about any medical risks such as high blood pressure or heart conditions that may hinder the performance of the operation.

19) Do I have to stay at the hospital?

For the most aesthetic surgical operations a hospitalization is not required, though for more complex procedures such as abdominoplasty and face lift it may be necessary for some patients to stay overnight if the doctor requires so.

20) Does the clinic charge an extra fee for a companion in patient's room?

Yes, there is. Please email us for the costs.

21) When are my stitches going to be removed?

Plastic surgeons are normally using dissolving or self-absorbing sutures therefore you can consider that in the majority of the cases there will be no need for stitches removal.